Enhanced technology for consumer flexibility

Deliver the flexibility consumers need without rendering the right for protection of your intellectual property. key2audioXS™ respects the rights and demands of everyone involved, no matter if you are a label, artist or consumer.

As a leading CD-Audio copy control system, key2audioXS™ offers the optimal balance between playability and security, letting you achieve both goals without restrictions. Labels have the protection which ensures that their intellectual property is safe and that their business isnít threatened.

key2audioXS™ is the publisherís way of saying Ďnoí to casual consumer copying. But key2audioXS™ is also the labelís way of respecting the consumersí right to private back-up copies and the right to listening to their music on the device of choice, no matter if itís their audio CD player, PC or portable player.

key2audioXS™ is the Audio-CD copy control solution with best compatibility reported by market and independent test labs. This copy control solution not only works on every currently available audio device but also guarantees an unlimited high-quality listening experience.

Balance protection and consumer rights and turn everyone into a winner.

  • Full compatibility
  • Multi-level protection
  • Exportability & legitimate private copy
  • Value-adding features for consumers


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